Peris Construction, Inc.

Peris is a commercial construction interiors firm that was founded over a quarter of a century ago by Jeff Pellegrino, CEO. Peris has built an exceptional and diverse team that brings a wealth of general contracting and project management experience to every job. Peris has built some of the most exceptional corporate, law, consulting and nonprofit spaces in the Greater Washington, DC area.

Our firm brings fresh new workplaces to life each day. We do so with absolute precision and relentless attention to every detail. We are committed to powerful construction management processes, standards and results that inspire our clients on every project, every time. A brand new place of work can spark innovation, heighten productivity and provide the sheer excitement of possibility. We make that possible.

Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

We are a firm of talented and experienced construction professionals as diverse as the clients we serve. Our diversity is integral to our core strength and success. For every client and project we are proud of our ability to create a high precision team that not only delivers exceptional results, but better reflects a client’s own commitment to diverse talent and building an inclusive environment. We cover a broad spectrum of cultural roots and languages. Peris is known for our ability to drive better management results through a superior ability to communicate effectively across the many specialty teams on any given project.

Commitment to Community

Peris Construction is extremely committed to the Greater Washington Community. Jeff Pellegrino served on the Board of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington for eight years and currently sits on the executive committee for the groups’s annual real estate luncheon fundraising event.

Peris Construction has been committed to the Lab School of Washington, a K–12 educational institution, devoted to students that are bright, creative and engaged – and learn differently.

Finally, the Peris team has worked on projects for organizations such as Emily’s List, Human Rights Campaign, Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, Sabin Vaccine, News Media Alliance, and Family Matters.

Peris Internship Program

Each summer Peris welcomes interns to our headquarters in Falls Church, VA. Peris provides a multifaceted experience exposing each student to construction experience (office and field), exposure to significant architectural landmarks in the Washington DC area and several social offsites. Students have a chance to meet some of the leading professionals in a variety of fields over the summer and learn the role politics plays in bringing a project to fruition. The 2014 Interns are profiled in the Talent section of the website.

Our Construction Management Approach

At Peris Construction, we are dedicated to partnership, quality, process and precision. We are committed to a lasting relationship with each client. We are proud of the fact that the vast majority of our clients over our 27 year history return to Peris again and again.


We are passionate in our belief that the Preconstruction Phase is just as critical as a well-executed Construction Phase. We make an early investment in our clients to ensure the best product possible. If Peris can be involved from the inception of a project, we are able to add exceptional to the entire team (Client, Broker & Architect) at each stage of the process: from choosing a building to the day you move into your beautiful, fresh and exciting new work space.

Finding Space

We will invest the time to tour potential new buildings with our Client and that Client’s Broker. We can provide important input regarding a building’s history, current field conditions, and ease of construction within the space. And, we can provide pricing for “test fits” prepared by your Architect throughout the building selection process.

From Conceptual to Full Architectural Drawings

Once you have selected a new space, we will commit to attend every Design Meeting, (generally convened by your Architect). We are there to absorb details and the nuance of the discussions. When asked, we will provide input on alternative materials, to assist in the process of driving the project into your budget parameters. We will scope the blue prints through each phase of their evolution from conceptual drawings to the final set to spot issues related to constructability and to identify any issues, problems or challenges — including — the solutions before full blown construction is underway. While not every problem can be discovered ahead of time, we do our best to hone every detail the plan and mitigate risk.

We also take pride in selecting the right subcontractors to complete on your project – we balance value and ensure each has the skills and experience to bring quality and excellence to the project.

By the time the Construction Phase arrives, you should know exactly what you are getting and have a high degree of confidence in the final contract price. The earlier you involve Peris’ GC expertise, the better. Peris provides this early investment in our clients because it allows us to move into the Construction Phase fully prepared to build with precision and care , and against schedule where every detail has been hammered out.

Your Peris Team

Every Peris construction team is an A Team. This is because each individual team members is not only a professional (generally our Project Managers are Architects, Engineers or have degrees in Construction Management), but they have also worked extensively as a team. Our teams are completely integrated as a working unit. We are focused only on the Greater Washington area. As a result we do not suffer from talent migration and we are able to focus on building exceptional construction professionals. Our teams generally consist of a Senior Project Manager, Project Manager and Superintendent, with an entire back office team to support their team effort.

Construction Team Roles:

  • Senior Project Manager
    • Leads by Ensuring Best Construction Practices for: Project Management Planning, Cost Management, Time Management, Scope of Performance, Performance Standards and Quality Management, Contract Administration, and Safety Management.
    • Oversees selection of Subcontractors based on skills, talent and competitive pricing. Maximizes coordination of labor, equipment and materials against the Schedule to ensure efficiency while maintaining Standards of Performance & Quality.
    • Leads overall team, in coordination with client and architect, to resolve any issues or questions that arise related to any aspect of the project.
    • Ensures Communication between and among all Team Members, including client and extended members of the team such as building management and vendors.
  • Project Manager
    • Supports Senior Project Manager in implementing and managing all of the above.
    • Lead for Project Documentation for each phase of project.
    • Project Management Meetings – captures all detail and documents same.
    • Prepares Weekly Report for client, including images.
    • Coordinates all Communication Tools for team and client.
  • Superintendent
    • On-site supervisor and coordinator of all fieldwork on Project, including ensuring quality, performance and safety standards.
    • Expert in Field Construction Management and in taking a Project from Blue Prints to a beautiful finished space.
    • Oversees the daily schedule and coordinates all the trades in completing each aspect of the project in the proper sequence.
    • Implements any adjustment that is required in schedule due to a change that is being driven by a Client Request or previously unidentified Project Impediment.
    • In coordination with Project Managers, assists in arriving at resolving any problem that may arise.


At Peris, safety is of paramount importance in everything we do. We focus on the health, safety and welfare of our clients, employees, subcontractors, neighbors and anyone who may be affected by our construction process.


We know our clients have businesses to run. That is why we have developed a set of communication vehicles that allow each client to be informed remotely and as often as desired on site. The level and frequency of the communication can be customized by each client:

  • Daily Progress Reports from the field including work performed day by each trade, and a “look ahead” to the balance of the week and one and two weeks ahead.
  • Weekly Reports that include photography from the same angles throughout the project. This creates a visual record and allows the Client to see progress in an efficient manner.
  • Schedules are updated weekly and provided to Client.
  • Clients are always welcome on site. We also build in checkpoint visits as desired.

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